Current Ministry

Servants For Jesus Christ is a 501 C3 registered charitable organization. You can print off your donation reports online for donors everywhere. Donation Receipts for Income Tax Purposes are given for US Donors.

Please pray about donating to this ministry. You may choose to mail in a check made out to Servants For Jesus Christ to this address:

PO Box 200, Niagara Falls, NY, USA, 14304

Donating Online is Safe and Secure

Please pray about donating online by clicking on this donation link and consider giving on a monthly basis. Thank you and God Bless you. We pray for God’s grace to help you do the will of God in your life as you study the Holy Bible every day to get strength, love and forgiveness from Jesus Christ!

Servants For Jesus Christ has been commission by God to encourage church leaders to get the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire, to stir up their congregations to do the Great Commission being endued with power from Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8. )The president after working 6-7 years in a large corporation left all, went and graduated from Bible College and then spent the next 6-7 years going out to the projects (the poor) ministering healing, deliverance, the baptism of Holy Spirit, and most important salvation in Jesus Christ. After this the Lord put on the president’s heart to start working with leaders, pastors, priests, worship leaders and business people to help them remember Matthew 28:18-20, and that it is the great commission not the great suggestion.

The president has visited over 100 churches in different countries, put out over 70 videos with thousands of video views, posted thousands of posts all with the love and encouragement of Holy Spirit to equip all leaders to equip their people to share Jesus to everyone on the earth. Sharing the gospel should always be in a loving manner (never with condemnation), helping all to find a strong church and a weekly Bible study group as they study the Holy Bible every day for themselves to feed their faith and starve their doubts. New Christians are encouraged to go out on outreaches and lay hands on the sick believing for miracles in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Future Plans:

Below are based on Holy Spirit plans not the plans of man:

1) Continue meeting with churches and leaders to help all to have a passion for prayer with Jesus and Holy Spirit which will birth a passion for the lost. Leaders are encouraged to pray hours and hours at a time, to journal and listen to what Jesus is telling them asking Jesus what His priorities are. Leaders are encouraged to seek the baptism of Holy Spirit and fire, to burn out fear, doubt and unbelief and hold healing services for all their city.

2) Continue posting 3 posts per day out to blog sites like: to reach the english world with the gospel. We have just started to post 3 non english posts a day to SPANISH BLOG Site and the FRENCH BLOG Site.

Hopefully more and more of the non-english world can be reached in different languages as we have plans to grow our outreach. Christians learn to obey the leading and power of Holy Spirit giving 100% of the glory to God. It is God that gives us a heartbeat, air to breathe , ….so…we owe Him our physical lives. Jesus Christ rescued us from hell and gives us eternal life in heaven…. so we owe Jesus our spiritual lives. We need to remember this and share it with all people in God’s loving way.

3) Continue producing more videos such as these 70+ videos on: and make ones for the lost, the new baby christian, the teenage christian and the mature or adult christian. The ministry is also producing lots of discipleship material on this website.

4) Start an online Bible Training website for the young and then build it for the teens and then for the adults which is this site.

5) Produce evangelism and prayer material for Christians to get out off their comfortable pew and listen to what God’s plan is for their lives. Christians need to die to the lusts of the world and share Jesus with the lost as they help their neighbor with physical needs building friendships to then help them discover the love and healing and provision and protection and forgiveness and deliverance and gift of eternal life from Jesus Christ! Most of this evangelism material has been produced in the King James version so it is another task to add it in the New King James Version or another Bible Version (such as the WEB version) so the teenagers can understand the scriptures easily.