Adult (Mature) Christians

Here is where a lot of Christians stop growing. They stay at the young Christian stage because of: 1) Fear that God will ruin their life (which is wrong since Jesus Christ is the source of Peace, Love and Joy), 2) fear of giving total control to God (as they don’t totally trust Him) or 3) Lusts for riches and pleasures of life. Learn not to fall into these traps for those people discourage others from becoming Adult Christians since it makes them feel better for not wanting to be an Adult Christian since they have stopped growing. Remember, NEVER stop growing in Christ. Always delight to grow in love, faith, grace and all the fruit of the Holy Spirit listed in the Bible. Maturing in Christ means dying to the world’s ways(daily crucify the lusts of the flesh in Jesus’ name) and living total for Jesus. Adult water baptism means as you go under the water, you die to your old ways and old reputation and arise new up out of the water to live by the power of the Holy Spirit willing to take up the cross daily and follow Jesus.

There are so many books to get more training on in your Christian walk however never get too busy to spend time daily in the Word of God,mediating on the scriptures as Holy Spirit unfolds them to you. The Holy Bible is your foundation so never get side tracked off of that. Be on guard against pride, fear and unbelief as the devil has nothing to sell but junk. Jesus has conquered the devil 2000+ years ago so command the devil to leave your family, assets, job and territory. Rebuke the devil in the mighty name of Jesus. Plead the blood of Jesus every day over all your affairs for protection.

Be a doer of the Word of God and not a hearer only. Doing the Word of God means being obedient to God out of a heart of love for Jesus and not getting into Christian legalism. Christian legalism means trying to earn your right standing with God by doing your own good works. This often occurs when a person does not have a good earthly Daddy role model so has no clue how much God the Father loves them, adores them, and is constantly there for them when they get into a mess.So if you miss a prayer time by mistake or eat something by mistake during your fasting time, don’t allow yourself to be beaten up by condemnation. God is love and He loves you unconditionally. So learn to receive His love everyday and out of that great love relationship in your daily prayer times, you will learn that you just need to yield to Him and let the mighty power of Holy Spirit do the works of Jesus through you all for God’s glory and never for your own gain of money nor fame.